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1Why choose NATURTINT ammonia free permanent colouring?
Because Naturtint is the leader in hair care colouring which is triumphing worldwide. More than 8,000,000 units sold in the 5 continents. NATURTINT is the first permanent Dermocapillary colouring which cares for the health of your hair and scalp. Naturtint is the only colouring formulated with natural and organic ingredients without potentially aggressive components such as ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, DEA or SLS.
2How many tones can I change the colour of my hair?
2 Tones.
3Does NATURTINT cover grey hair?
Yes, it does. Naturtint is permanent dermocapillary colourng which covers grey hair completely. Colouring which respects and protects the scalp during the colouring process while providing intense colours.
4What components does the NATURTINT kit contain?
-Colouring- 60 ml. -Colour Activator 60 ml. -Nutrideep Serum Multiplier 15 ml. -CC Hair Cream 15 ml. -Gloves. -Brochure.
5Is it necessary to carry out the allergy test even though I have been using NATURTINT for a long time?
Yes, it is. Permanent colourings could cause allergies which appear suddenly. People who have tattoos should pay special attention to this.
6I have a lot of grey hair, which tone should I use for perfect coverage?
Fashion tones. If you were to use a fashion tone, such as reds, coppers, etc ... and there is a high percentage of grey hair, we should mix the fashion tone with an N tone of the same clarity. The proportion to use is the same as the proportion of white hair and could reach half of each tone for 100% grey hair. In the case of difficult to cover grey hair we may alter the proportion of the mixture of the Colour Activator and the colouring, discarding 25% of the Colour Activator before adding all the cream colouring. With this proportion of mixture we may proceed with the colouring process as usual but avoiding the application of the mixture to the ends until the last five minutes.
7Can I mix different NATURTINT references?
Yes. Taking into account that the final proportion between the colouring and the colour activator should be 50% -50%.
8Is NATURTINT a permanent colouring?
Yes, it is. It is a permanent dermocapillary colouring. The first permanent colouring which respects and protects the scalp during the colouring process.
9Can NATURTINT improve the health of my hair?
Yes, it can. The joint action of liquid keratin and ceramides moisturize and soften the hair recovering its youthful look and beauty. The hydrolyzed wheat proteins strengthen the hair fibre, reducing hair breakage while combing up to 80%.
10What potentially aggressive ingredients does NATURTINT not contain?
Naturtint does not contain ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, DEA, silicones, paraffins, mineral oils, SLS and artificial fragrances.
11How can we prevent the appearance of stains on the skin?
This is not common but in fine or dry skins it could occur. To avoid this small amount of vaseline may be applied to the forehead, and once the colouring process is complete the vaseline is removed. If the hair is thin and stains appear on the scalp before rinsing off the colouring with water, wet the fingertips with water and massage the areas prone to staining.
12Can NATURTINT be used on different areas of the body other than the hair of the head to colour hair?
No, it can’t. Naturtint is designed for use only on the hair of the head.
13Can I use NATURTINT if I have used henna or a progressive dye on my hair?
No. You must remove the henna or progressive dye through successive washes and once the hair has no remains of these colourings then apply Naturtint.
14If I have not used all the colouring can I save it for another time?
Yes, provided that the colouring is not mixed with hydrogen peroxide.

Frequently asked questions

1Can I use NATURTINT if I am pregnant?
During pregnancy many physiological and biochemical changes occur. This makes the body much more sensitive. For this reason the gynaecologist should be the one who authorizes the use of Naturtint. Prior to application is it necessary to carry out the allergy test. Resorcinol Colouring : It is potentially irritating to the scalp. Parabens : Certain hormonal behaviour has been observed in parabens in laboratory test systems and in animals, but these are between thousands and millions of times weaker than the activity of natural hormones. * Silicones: These are inorganic polymers which could clog the pores of the scalp, altering its secretory function. Paraffins (mineral oils): Chemical substances derived from petroleum with a covering action. Their negative effect is similar to that of silicones. SLS Detergent and surfactant is widely used in cosmetic products which has an irritating effect on the scalp. * This informative sheet is based on scientific rulings from the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, an independent body of the European Commission: "Opinion on parabens" (Ruling on parabens), adopted on December 14, 2010, and revised on March 22, 2011 and in the document "Clarification on Opinion SCCS / 1348/10 in the light of the Danish clause of safeguard banning the use of parabens in cosmetic products Intended for children under three years of age" (Clarification on the ruling SCCS / 1348/10, taking into account the Danish safeguard clause which prohibits the use of parabens in cosmetic products intended for children under three years of age), adopted on 10 October 2011.
2How is the allergy test carried out?
-Using a cotton wool swab and a little alcohol clean a small area behind the earlobe. -In a plastic container mix a small amount of colouring and developer. –mix until a homogeneous gel is obtained. -Apply the mixture. -Keep the mixture on for 48 hours. If after this time no symptoms such as itching, redness etc have been experienced the colouring can be used. If any symptoms have been experienced consult your doctor.
3Can NATURTINT be used in people who have undergone chemotherapy?
It is the oncologist who should authorize the use of the colouring. It is important to carry out the allergy test before applying Naturtint.
4How often is NATURTINT used?
How often is NATURTINT used? Naturtint is used every 30 days. This is the approximate time that the roots grows 1 cm.
5Is NATURTINT compatible with colourings which contain ammonia?
Yes, it is. Naturtint is compatible with any permanent colouring.
6Can Naturtint be used in children?
No, it can’t. It can be used after 16 years of age.
7f the colouring mixture is mixed in a bowl, what material should it be made of?
Always use plastic.
8What volumes of hydrogen peroxide are used in NATURTINT?
The volumes of hydrogen peroxide used in Naturtint range from 10 to 20 volumes per application. Each reference contains the minimum effective amounts of hydrogen peroxide. With this a better tolerance of the colouring on the scalp is achieved.
9Should NATURTINT be used on wet or dry hair?
It is applied on dry hair.
10Are the ingredients of NATURTINT tested on animals?
No, they are not. None of our products are tested on animals and they are suitable for vegans.
11Is NATURTINT developed under dermatological control?
Yes, it is. Naturtint has been developed and tested by pharmacists and dermatologists. In these tests the cosmetic qualities of the product, their skin tolerance and their influence on the hydrolipidic layer are evaluated. It was observed in this latest study that Naturtint respects the natural mechanism of the protection of the scalp.
12Is it necessary to use all cosmetics that come in the NATURTINT kit?
Yes, it is. The colouring process must be faithfully followed as indicated in the instruction leaflet. Any deviation from it or the introduction of foreign cosmetics in the process could vary the final results.
13Can NATURTINT be used on sensitive scalps?
Always after the allergy test. Naturtint has been developed with Skin Barrier Ω9 technology. This dermoprotective base is formulated with oil from the flowers of the Meadowfoam Seed Oil and natural and organic soybean extract which protects the scalp during the colouring process , preventing dryness, irritation and flaking.
14How I can see the exact results that I will get on my hair?
-In a small plastic container, mix equal parts of a small amount of colouring with the same amount of Colour Activator. Mix together both components until a gel is obtained -Cut a lock of hair of about 3 cm and apply the mixture. –Rinse the strand after 20 minutes. If your hair is very strong, with grey or has been dyed previously wait an extra 10 minutes. – Note the exposure time. This will be the exposure time the colouring should be applied for.
15How to proceed with hair that tends to be reddish?
If on using a natural tone (N) or golden (G), mix with reference 8A. For copper and mahogany tones, mix with the same reference index of the natural series.
16Does Naturtint contain PPD?
Naturtint contains the largest number of natural and organic ingredients and the lowest proportion of chemical ingredients. We only use synthetic products when there is no natural alternative. Naturtint contains PPD in its formula conforming to current cosmetics legislation. Other market brands advertise “PPD FREE” but instead of this substance they contain methylphenylenediamines. These are included in the cosmetics legislation and precautions for use and the risk of allergy is similar to PPD and so is reflected in the precautions for use of the product.

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